Fax, Scan, Print, Copy, and Notary

Fax Machine

The library has a fax machine located at the Reference Desk on the second floor.  There is a charge of $1 for the first page of transmittal and 50 cents for every page thereafter.  Only cash is accepted for this service.  The library can fax up to 20 pages per patron.



Printers are available on the second floor near the Reference Desk.
Printing costs are 20 cents for black ink and 50 cents for color ink.
Only cash is accepted for this service.



The library has three notary publics on staff. Please call for an appointment at 401-353-5600 ext 3.



The library has a photocopier available for public use located on the first floor.  Photocopy cost per page is 15 cents.



The library has a scanner station available for patron use free of charge on the second floor.