Meeting Room Policy


 1) North Providence civic groups and other town departments, boards, agencies and committees may hold meetings in the library during regular library hours, providing the facilities are available. No admission fee, registration fee, donation or monetary solicitation may be sought from meeting attendees unless the Library co-sponsors the program. Programs involving the sale, advertising, promotion of commercial products or services, or programs sponsored by a business firm, regardless of purpose, are prohibited except for those co-sponsored by the library. Other non-profit groups, not located in North Providence, may hold meetings in the library during regular business hours, providing the facilities are available and all other policies are followed, according to the following fee schedule: $75.00 for Conference Room and $100.00 for the Community Meeting Room. Rooms may not be used for personal or family purposes.

 2) Under no circumstances shall permission be either granted or implied for the library to be listed in any print or electronic communications as the address or business location for any organization that meets on the library premises. Nor shall the library’s telephone number, fax number or email address be either listed or used as a contact.

 3) Room reservations are done through the Administrative Department.

 a) No organization, other than the library or one co-sponsored by the library, shall reserve a meeting room more than twice per month.

b) Organizations meeting once per month may reserve up to 6 months ahead. Organizations meeting twice per month may reserve up to 3 months ahead.

c) If meeting must be cancelled, the library must be notified as soon as possible. Any organization that is a no-show for two scheduled meetings will have its meeting room privileges revoked or suspended.

4) The library will assign meeting space based on the size of the group and availability and reserves the right to make necessary changes due to scheduling of library programs.

5) When police protection is deemed necessary by the Library Trustees, groups using the library shall make arrangements and pay the costs for such protection.

 Included and excluded are:

  1. Permission to use the meeting rooms includes the following:

Space (the meeting room)



Utilities - heat, lights, air conditioning, wifi and electrical outlets.

  1. The following items are NOT AVAILABLE and NOT INCLUDED in permission to use the meeting spaces.    Conference management services (i.e. room set-up, room clean-up)

Office supplies (i.e. flip charts, pens, chalk, markers, etc.)

Kitchenware (i.e. dishtowels, tablecloths, paper goods)

Kitchen supplies (i.e. coffeemakers, pots, pans, dishes, silverware)

 Food in cupboards or refrigerators (i.e. coffee, tea, sugar, creamer, etc.)

 6) Organizations may use the following items provided they are requested at the time of the room request. Last minute requests cannot be accommodated.

AV equipment


PA system

Large trash containers

 7) Craft projects may be conducted in meeting spaces provided the group uses proper precautions to prevent damage to carpeting and furnishings and with the user’s agreement to clean the space after use. NOTHING is to be hung or affixed to the walls or doors in the meeting spaces or hallways Thermostats must not be touched. Rooms should be left as found.

8) Groups holding meetings after 8:00pm will be charged $30 per hour for each hour or fraction thereof that the library is providing access.

9) The library is not responsible for anything left behind in the meeting spaces or adjacent spaces.

 10) All fire codes must be strictly observed, including room capacity. Room doors must remain closed and all fire exits must remain clear. Rooms must be evacuated in the event of a fire alarm. There is NO smoking.

 11) The Trustees will withdraw meeting privileges from groups not conforming to building use regulations and/or meeting room use policies.


Approved by the North Providence Library Board of Trustees November 1986

Revised January 18, 2018